Omni Talk’s 3/16/18 podcasts are live!

Anne Mezzenga and Carter Jensen stepped in and up this week, as I was on a much needed vacation with Mrs. Omni Talk before heading out to Shoptalk on Sunday. They absolutely crushed it too. Anne’s take on Macy’s is pure gold!

Anne’s Fast Five podcast covers Macy’s, Ross stores, recent fundraising by Rent the Runway and Warby Parker, and Walmart’s more pronounced moves into grocery delivery.

Be sure to check out the After the Five podcast too, where Anne and Carter go even deeper into the week’s news and further put the hurt on Macy’s.

You can access both podcasts on iTunes here:

Omni Talk on iTunes

Or you can also check them out on SoundCloud:

Fast Five: Macy’s responds to customer complaints about lines by introducing more lines

After the Five: Anne explains to Carter why Macy’s exec, Jeff Gennette, needs a hug and a new strategy

Be careful out there,


P.S. Please let us know your thoughts and feelings on our podcasts thus far. We are learning as we go. Only two weeks into it, we welcome any feedback or stories that you would like to hear discussed. You can get in touch with us at

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Chris Walton is an accomplished Senior Executive with nearly 20 years of success within the retail and retail technology industries. He is well-versed in merchandising, store operations, inventory management, product design, forecasting, e-commerce, pricing and promotions, and tech product development.

Chris was most recently a Vice President with Target, where he led the retailer’s Store of the Future project and also ran the Target’s home furnishing division for e-commerce. He previously worked for GAP, Inc., as a Distribution Analyst and Manager.

Chris holds a BA in Economics and History from Stanford University, and a MBA from Harvard Business School.

He likes to dress as Darth Vader for Halloween, and his wife also frequently asks him to ask Alexa, "to turn off the music."

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