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Omni Talk was started by Chris Walton in the summer of 2017. After a nearly 20-year career in retail, Chris decided to venture out on his own and to create a platform for a community of individuals who share a passion for the evolution of omnichannel retailing and a desire to explore new and better ways to do retail. Anne Mezzenga soon joined the fold in the Fall of 2017, taking Omni Talk to new heights, and Chris and Anne have not looked back since.

Since joining forces, Chris and Anne have prided themselves on keeping Omni Talk candid. Above all else, Omni Talk will always be real. It is meant to tell the truth. Its content does not come from pundits or journalists. It comes from real people with real experience in the business. Chris and Anne refuse to let Omni Talk be saturated by corporate speak, speak that often times is meant to serve the corporate best interest rather than the best interest of you, the reader, as an individual.

Omni Talk’s “serious and sometimes comic musings” are meant to give an opinion on the past and future of retail. Some opinions may be right, some most certainly may be wrong — but, no matter what, they are meant to provoke curiosity about the retail industry that we all know and love, and, most importantly, they come from the heart, with nothing but the best of intentions.

Chris and Anne believe deeply that Minneapolis and other cities around the country can once again become the next epicenters of retail innovation. Omni Talk is their refusal to give into apathy.

After all, innovation is not Seattle’s birthright.

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