Omni Talk Founders – Anne Mezzenga & Chris Walton at NRF

Omni Talk is the retail blog for retailers, written by retailers.

Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga founded Omni Talk in 2017 and have quickly turned it into one of the fastest growing blogs in retail.

Chris and Anne are 50/50 partners in their efforts. Combined they have roughly 40 years of experience in retail and marketing. Chris has held high level positions across nearly every area within retail, and Anne and Chris first began working together, when Chris was the Vice President of Target’s Store of the Future project, and Anne was the project’s Director of Marketing and Program Operations.

Their work is seen by as many as 2 million people each month on Forbes and across other retail outlets, like the Robin Report and Retail Dive as well. They have keynoted and moderated discussions on stage at numerous retail conferences, like Shoptalk, NRF, NACS, and FMI, and they are also the Co-CEOs of Third Haus, a retail technology lab in Minneapolis that just opened in 2019, and through which they hope to extend their reach even further.

They have a loyal following on their blog and on LinkedIn, comprised of hard core retail junkies across all walks of life – retailers, tech companies, CPGs, and consumers. Most compelling are their connections with all the other retail influencers, trade associations, and news outlets in retail too, like other Forbes contributors, CNBC, Bloomberg, key trade show organizers, and the editors of the Robin Report, Retail Dive, Chain Store Age, RetailWire, Total Retail, Winsight Grocery Business, etc.

Their podcasts and videos, when disseminated across iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, rank them consistently as one of the most listened to retail outlets within the industry.

Omni Talk is meant to tell the truth. Its content does not come from pundits or journalists. It comes from real people with real experience in the business. Its “serious and sometimes comic musings” are meant to give an opinion on the past and future of retail. Some opinions may be right, some most certainly may be wrong — but, no matter what, they are meant to provoke curiosity about the retail industry that we all know and love, and, most importantly, they come from the heart, with nothing but the best of intentions.

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