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Omni Talk is a blog written by a retailer, specifically for retailers, consumers, other bloggers, and for those who love to laugh and do not take themselves to seriously either.

Most importantly Omni Talk is meant to be a place of refuge for those in the retail industry. Times within retail are tough right now.  We all need a sanctuary, a place where we can go and share ideas freely without worrying about repercussions and where we can feel like people are really listening to what is on our minds.  We can and should do our part to help each other.

So Omni Talk is meant to be candid.  It is meant to be real.  It is meant to tell the truth. Its content does not come from pundits or journalists.  It comes from real retailers with experience in the business.

Omni Talk also refuses to be saturated by corporate speak, speak that often times is meant to lead us in the corporate best interest rather than the best interest of you, the reader, as an individual.

Its “serious and sometimes comic musings” are meant to give an opinion on the past and future of retail.  Some opinions may be right, some most certainly may be wrong — but no matter what, they are meant to provoke curiosity about the retail industry that we all know and love.  Most importantly they come from the heart and with nothing but the best of intentions.


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