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A Demo of Amazon’s Package X-Ray Technology (1-Minute Video Post)

While it sounds creepy, Amazon’s new X-Ray packaging technology is awesome and it has arrived just in time for Christmas.

Click on the video below to learn more . . .

A few quick observations:

  1. The technology is cool — I don’t love the name “X-Ray,” but, knowingly, or unknowingly, Amazon has developed something cool that has real consumer applications beyond the dorky tech name they have given it thus far.  The technology has huge application potential for gift givers.
  2. While the technology is cool, it wasn’t as cool as I was expecting — essentially the technology is a label scan of the box. It isn’t reading dimensions of the box or some hidden printing on the box, like my geeky friends and I were hoping.  In fact, you kind of had to hit the box at the right angle to get everything to register correctly.  But, even though it is simple, like I said in #1, it is still cool.
  3. Don’t worry about it being a tool for thieves — one concern I have heard is that people are worried that thieves with the Amazon app could start scanning packages left on doorsteps quickly to see what they want to steal.  Smartly, Amazon prevents this act. The X-Ray tech will only scan packages belonging to the owner of the app used for the scanning. We deliberately tested it to see what would happen if I scanned my puzzle package with a different phone, and Amazon informed us it would not work.

Be careful out there,


P.S. Thank you to everyone for your kind and heartfelt messages regarding my post commemorating the 30-year anniversary of my father’s plane accident.  It really meant so much to me this week. Writing the post has deepened relationships already in ways I would have never expected.  Fist pound on my heart for you Toscano.

P.P.S. (lighter side) What are the chances I would share the same name as the woman with the world’s longest fingernails? Seriously, Chris “The Duchess” Walton — check it out.

I guess I got that going for me.

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Chris Walton is an accomplished Senior Executive with nearly 20 years of success within the retail and retail technology industries. He is well-versed in merchandising, store operations, inventory management, product design, forecasting, e-commerce, pricing and promotions, and tech product development.

Chris was most recently a Vice President with Target, where he led the retailer’s Store of the Future project and also ran the Target’s home furnishing division for e-commerce. He previously worked for GAP, Inc., as a Distribution Analyst and Manager.

Chris holds a BA in Economics and History from Stanford University, and a MBA from Harvard Business School.

He likes to dress as Darth Vader for Halloween, and his wife also frequently asks him to ask Alexa, "to turn off the music."

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