Carter Jensen is a regular contributor to Omni Talk. His opinions can be heard regularly on Omni Talk’s weekly Fast Five podcasts and videos, and he also frequently writes for the blog as well.

Throughout Carter’s career, he has had the incredible opportunity to lead a wide variety of brands, projects, and campaigns through digital transformation and ultimately, growth. From implementing new tactics to selling large-scale technical solutions for brands like Anheuser-Busch, Target, and the NFL, innovative solutions, business transformation and client relationships have always been Carter’s passion.

Carter’s knowledge of technical details, in combination with his focus on business development, has proven to be an invaluable skill set. Serving as often the account and business lead for his work, Carter enjoys speaking the language of both his client and the technology, which equips him to ideate and recommend innovative, yet realistic concepts on both sides of the equation.

Currently, Carter is the head of Retail Innovation for Latitude, a well-known advertising agency in Minneapolis.