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Podcast | NRF 2020 Live Recap from the Javits Center, NYC

In their final NRF podcast, sponsored by LISNR, Anne and Chris take a look back at all the topics and the people who made NRF 2020 the frenetic event that it was. From Michelle Gass’s “Greatness Initiative” to John Furner putting “people first” and sustainability messages stealing the spotlight at nearly every stage, you’ll be up to speed and in the know after giving this recap a listen.

Women’s Retail Collective Podcast: Gap Inc. Sr. Director Customer Experience & Innovation Heidi Isern

In this episode of the Women’s Retail Collective Podcast, from NRF sponsored by LISNR, we meet Heidi Isern Sr. Director Customer Experience & Innovation for Gap, Inc. Heidi’s career has been quite a unique one. She’s traveled around the world interviewing women about their careers and led teams in design thinking for several retailers while at IDEO. You’ll also want to hear how she landed her current gig, creating a position for herself to lead the charge to perfect the customer experience for all Gap Inc. Brands.

Listen for her full story, live from the LISNR podcast booth at NRF 2020.

Spotlight Podcast: Walmart VP Monetization & Chief of Staff to CTO Anshu Bhardwaj

In our latest NRF Spotlight Podcast, sponsored by LISNR, Chris Walton sits down with Walmart VP Monetization & Chief of Staff to CTO, Anshu Bhardwaj, to discuss her career background, especially her previous work leading innovation at Sam’s Club and the Sam’s Club Now concept, and what it has been like for her to transition into her new role supporting Walmart’s CTO and monetization efforts. You definitely won’t want to miss Anshu’s favorite family social app either in “How Millennial Are You?”

Women’s Retail Collective Podcast | Ahold-Delhaize CHRO, Abbe Luersman

Abbe’s career in retail has been nothing short of inspiring – from her determination to be the best bagger at Big Bear all the way up to her current role as Chief Human Resources Officer of Ahold-Delhaize. With the grocery industry changing quickly, so is the future of grocery work. For Abbe, that means having a finger on the pulse of everything from emerging technology to evolving customer expectations and building a workforce who is ready to support it all.

Spotlight Podcast | The New Age of Returns with Happy Returns CEO and Co-Founder, David Sobie

What started as a HauteLook experiment with Nordstrom Rack, turned into a completely new business idea for some of the biggest D2C brands to handle returns. Customers of online brands like Rothy’s and Evereve now leverage 700 Happy Returns return bars throughout the country to give customers their money back on the spot and make the entire return process more accessible and hassle free. By bringing joy to returns, David and Happy Returns plan to unlock even more value for e-commerce.

Spotlight Podcast | Robotics with Tim Rowland, CEO of Badger Technologies, a Product Division of Jabil

Anne and Chris sit down with Tim Rowland, CEO of Badger Technologies, a product division of Jabil, to discuss all things related to the future of in-store robotics on everything from monitoring floor spills to inventory stock positioning. Tim shares the early lessons from his company’s large scale implementation with Ahold Delhaize, gets real about all the noise out there on the topic, and shows why robots are likely the answer for completing the tasks retailers just don’t have the time or resources to do now, even if they want to!

2019 Omni Talk Award Show | Fast Five Podcast

In today’s special edition of the Fast Five, sponsored by Trigo, the full Omni Talk crew hands out the hardware for 2019. Retailer of the Year, Executive of the Year, Worst Idea of the Year — Chris, Anne, Carter, Emma the Intern, and even Margo the dog debate them all!

Walmart SVP Private Brands & Sourcing Karen Stuckey | Women’s Retail Collective Podcast

On this episode of the Women’s Retail Collective Podcast, Anne interviews Karen Stuckey. Karen has had an unbelievable career in retail, starting in Chicago as a store manager at the Limited on Michigan Avenue to her current role at Walmart as SVP of Private Brands. Karen’s years of experience working on brands from Sara Lee to Target to Montgomery Ward have shaped how she and her team at Walmart are developing private brands for one of the largest retailers in the world.

For What It’s Worth: Carlos Castelan and Toopan Bagchi of the Navio Group | Podcast

In their inaugural podcast contribution for Omni Talk, Carlos Castelan and Toopan Bagchi of the Navio Group put their consulting hats on and provide listeners a deep dive into key retail topics for the month and give their advice, for what it’s worth, of course. This episode also features special segments, like “Buy or Sell” and “CEO Chalk Talk,” where CEOs write into Toopan and Carlos for advice. You won’t want to miss their debut!