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Product Recommendations

Here at Omni Talk, we try to keep a lookout for cool products that highlight how retail is changing, along with products that just, quite simply, are fun, interesting, and have made our lives better in some way.

We hope you enjoy are running list!  Please free to send us your recommendations as well.

Alexa.  It’s a front row seat into how our world will change.

Roll on Sunscreen.  What a great idea — perfect when you have toddlers!  No messy sunscreen on your hands.

Silk Wallet Case Phone Cover.  No need to carry a wallet ever again.  Great on trips, and also my ass feels a lot better at the end of a long day blogging, and my jeans don’t have wallet holes anymore either.

Bondiband Armband, Heather Charcoal, Medium.  Perfect for carrying your iPhone while you run or workout at the gym.

Slate: Mobile LapDesk – The Essential Lap Desk“>Slate Mobile LapDesk.   80% of this entire blog is composed on my laptop on top of this lapdesk.  The photo below is pretty accurate.  Even the shorts.  The other 20% is composed at Starbucks.

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