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Today’s Top Talk

Today’s Top Talk covers Facebook’s new payment platform that aims to link Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp together, and Nike cutting ties with Amazon.

McKinsey Launches a Flashy New Store | The Robin Report

The experience of losing one’s innocence is a perfect analogy to describe the Modern Retail Collective. Here you have a first-time retailer, McKinsey. Sure, they have talked a lot about and consulted about retail in locker rooms with their colleagues, but McKinsey has never actually done it before. Then, when McKinsey tries to do it for the first time, it comes out looking like a great idea without enough there.

Today’s Top Talk

Today’s Top Talk covers Macy’s new experiential store concept with Kellogg’s and Amazon’s investment in a $40 million robotics innovation hub.

Today’s Top Talk

Today’s Top Talk discusses Kroger’s new logo and tagline, 1 hr delivery from Costco/Instacart, Walmart Delivery Unlimited going live, and Walgreens possibly going private.

Walton’s Weekly Wow Powered by | Hallowinning

For most retailers, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most wonderful times of the year when it comes to visit volume. But what about the stores that wait patiently for the spookiest day of the calendar? 

In honor of Halloween, we looked into some costume favorites to see what fall’s costume peak time means for them. 

Today’s Top Talk

Today’s Top Talk covers the opening of Starbucks first mobile pickup only store, Birchbox pop ups in Walgreens, and Amazon’s new payment option for U.S. shoppers.