We recently opened a new retail technology lab right in the heart of Minneapolis called Third Haus. We built Third Haus to bring retailers, brands, technology companies, and marketing agencies together to further engage in the conversation and education around how retail is changing.

Whether for continuing education courses, live podcasts, panels, or product demos, our space was built to become your platform to talk about the future of retail. We designed our event space intently with video and audio capabilities in mind, so as to allow all the amazing content being created live within our lab to live beyond your event and to be available for dissemination however you see fit.

With 3,000 sf. of event space, we can accommodate anything from an intimate gathering to large events, and offer an incredible roster of award-winning neighborhood restaurants for catering.  

If you are interested in learning more about how you can plan an event in our Third Haus retail lab, please fill out this form with just a few quick pieces of information to let us know how we might meet your needs.