The Omni Talk staff is incredibly informed about the best of the best retail happening in cities all around the world, and, as a result, Chris and Anne are frequently asked to lead tours of the best and the brightest in omnichannel retailing throughout the United States and abroad.

Whether it be guiding corporate leaders from Procter & Gamble on a daylong excursion through New York City or taking retail industry pundits through the booming cannabis industry in Las Vegas, the Omni Talk team can design a retail tour package in any city that meets your needs. Often times Chris will even kick off or end the day with one of the many fabulous and hilarious keynote addresses he gives throughout the country as well.

Thinking about taking your team on an offsite tour of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or London? Want to get their minds going in new directions? We have got you covered. Email us at to learn more.