Shopify x Affirm, Rite Aid used facial rec. in 100s of stores, Nike Corp. restructuring, Shopify shares up 7%

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  1. Shopify partners with Affirm to offer installment payments. Story by Tatiana Walk-Morris.
  2. Rite Aid used facial recognition in hundreds of U.S. stores that service largely lower-income, non-white neighborhoods. Reporting from Jeffrey Dastin.
  3. Nike has announced several changes to its senior leadership as it looks to accelerate digital business and simplify consumer experiences. via
  4. Shopify beat Wall Street estimates for second-quarter revenue on Wednesday as more brick-and-mortar retailers listed on its online platform. Story by Thomas Franck.

Source: Shopify to offer installment payments through Affirm | Retail Dive

Source: Rite Aid deployed facial recognition system in hundreds of U.S. stores | Reuters

Source: Nike Restructures Corporate Leadership |

Source: Shopify shares jump 7% after hot e-commerce company says second-quarter revenue increased 97% | CNBC

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