Amazon livestreaming launches, Burton moves to mobile store ops, Retail CEOs call for mask mandates, L.L. Bean agrees to first wholesale partnerships

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  1. Influencers on the Amazon Influencer Program will be able to earn commission and connect with fans via livestreaming. Story by Joele Forrester.
  2. Burton Snowboards will be running store operations entirely from iPhones. Coverage from Dan Berthiaume.
  3. 21 CEOs of major U.S. retailers have written a letter that demands governors to mandate masks in stores. See source for list of authors.
  4. L.L. Bean is expanding from its original model of direct-to-customer catalog sales and in-stores sales with an agreement to sell products in Nordstrom, Staples, and sporting goods chain SCHEELS. Reporting from David Sharp.

Source: Livestreaming on Amazon Launches For Influencers | Talking Influence

Source: Burton Snowboards makes jump to mobile store operations | CSA

Source: Retail CEOs: Enough is enough. It’s time for all US governors to require masks in stores | CNN 

Source: LL Bean inks first wholesaler partnerships in US | AP News

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