Square withholding money from merchants, Snapchat’s “shoppable” show, Walmart’s self-driving partner, Amazon in the running for Macy’s (again)

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  1. Small businesses say that Square is holding on to 30 percent of their customers’ payments during the pandemic. Story by Nathaniel Popper.
  2. Snapchat will try to turn its viewers into buyers with its first-ever “shoppable” original show: “The Drop,” focused on “exclusive streetwear collabs.” Coverage from Todd Spangler.
  3. Walmart’s self-driving partner, Gatnik, is changing e-commerce economics. Reporting from Kyle Stock.
  4. Amazon may be in the running for Macy’s again. Story from Clark Schultz.

Source: Square, Jack Dorsey’s Pay Service, Is Withholding Money Merchants Say They Need | NY Times

Source: Snapchat Announces First Shoppable Show, ‘The Drop,’ to Sell Limited-Edition Streetwear | Variety

Source: Walmart’s Self-Driving Partner Is Changing E-Commerce Economics | BNN Bloomberg

Source: Amazon buying Macy’s run up the flagpole again | Seeking Alpha

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