Shopify partners with Walmart, Staples offers on-demand delivery with Instacart, Walmart tests self-checkout only location

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  1.  Walmart has announced a partnership with Shopify to open the Walmart Marketplace. Story by Sarah Perez.
  2. Staples is breaking new ground with an on-demand delivery partnership. Reporting from Dan Berthiaume.
  3. A Walmart in Fayetteville, Arkansas is testing whether the increased use of self-checkout will speed up customer purchases while providing a safer experience for shoppers through less interaction. Coverage from Lucas Manfredi.

Source: Walmart partners with Shopify to test its online markletplace | TechCrunch

Source: Who doesn’t sell groceries but delivers via Instacart? Staples! | CSA

Source: Walmart tests self-checkout only location | Fox Business

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