Walgreens offers incentive for Apple card, Gap rolls out warehouse robots, Aerie claims 2B Tiktok impressions

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  1. Walgreens and Apple have partnered to offer a $50 bonus to cardholders that spend $50 within 30 days at the drug store chain. Story by Tatiana Walk-Morris.
  2. Gap Inc. is scaling its picking operation for online orders with a smart robotic solution. Coverage from Dan Berthiaume.
  3. Aerie has claimed almost 2B TikTok impressions by working with top influencers like Charli D’Amelio, supporting a boost to its parent company’s digital sales.  Reporting from Robert Williams.

Source: Walgreens customers offered an incentive to sign up for Apple card | Retail Dive

Source: Gap accelerates rollout of warehouse robots to keep up with online demand | CSA

Source: American Eagle claims nearly 2B impressions on TikTok campaign for Aerie | Mobile Marketer

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