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Thanks to Tech, DTC Brands Make Smooth Transition into Physical Experiences

Recently, brands like Dollar Shave ClubCasper and Quip have rapidly achieved ‘household name’ status, often disrupting traditional brands from powerhouse companies like P&G. Their strategy of success, known as DTC (direct to consumer), focuses on new retail technologies allowing unthrottled growth and ellimination of the middle-man retailer that often placed barriers and speed bumps in the way of growth and direct consumer communication.

But the days of these brands living exclusively online are soon to be over as these new companies are set to open 850+ physical doors in the next five years, paralleling emerging consumer demand while introducing more immersive experiences that are unable to be achieved via current day online platforms.

Amazon solved buying but killed shopping in the process. –Emily Weiss, CEO Glossier

Shopify, a technology company that already powers the e-commerce systems for the majority of DTC companies, is rapidly expanding its offerings to include a long list of new features to assist in the trend of physical-retail. From in-store point of sale (POS) to in-store pickup, each new feature is being developed to make this transition a bit easier for both the brands and the customers who have high expectations of a seamless purchase.

Shopify is so invested that they recently opened a retail services store in Los Angeles where DTC brands of all sizes can not only purchase new hardware but also test the gear through a dedicated retail space built for pop-up, test experiences.

The Shopify expansion story is just the beginning as new tech is being introduced every day not only to make this retail experience possible, but to further merge the online and offline worlds in a mission to make shopping in a physical store as seamless and straightforward as the online world we, as consumers, have come to expect.

This piece originally appeared on Medium on behalf of Latitude, A Minneapolis-based retail agency.



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